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Address: Building No. 16, siqu, Anhuili Asian Games Village, Beijing, China, 100723

Tel: +86 10 84885415

Web: http://www.cpcia.org.cn

Company description

China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (changed to the present name from China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association on May 10, 2010) is a non-government, not-for-profit organization consisting of companies, institutes, sectional associations and local associations in the petroleum and chemical industry on a voluntary basis. It is the umbrella organization that provides service and implements certain administrative functions within this industry on the national level. CPCIF was established on April. 28, 2001. Currently it has over 300 direct members including 44 sectional associations and over 20 regional associations, most large-scale enterprises, research institutions and universities, which covers 70% operation of China's petroleum and chemical industry and represents all fields of this industry. CPCIF also maintains close working relations with relevant regional authorities in China.

Products and services

The mission of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation(CPCIF)is: To ally domestic industries and develop international cooperation so as to promote technological advancement and industry upgrading; To voice the interest of enterprises and service companies; To strengthen communication with government; To bridge communications between government and enterprises; To assist government in industry management. CPCIF carries out its mission through a number of activities: To conduct industry research and provide comments and proposals on policies and regulations related to this industry; To collect, analyze and disseminate statistical data and build information system for this industry; To encourage corporate ethics and maintain fair market competition; To assist government in building the trade friction pre-alarm system and negotiating with international trade partners for anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and other trade issues; To assist government in quality certification, production permit and standard making; To promote Responsible Care in the whole industry; To encourage technology innovation, appraise scientific / technological results, organize award programs, popularize and apply best technologies in the industry; To facilitate economic / technological cooperation both at home and abroad through events like seminars, exhibitions, forum, etc.; To operate industry media including newspaper and magazines; To provide consulting and training service; To safeguard legitimate rights and interests of members through legal service; To coordinate research on key issues of common concerns of different sectional associations; To carry out work and tasks entrusted by government.

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