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Core Laboratories China


Address: Core Lab Petroleum Science & Technology (Beijing) Company Limited, A 506, TYG Centre, No. C-2 Dongsanhuan North Road, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing, 100027

Tel: +86-10-8458-0125

Web: http://www.corelab.com/

Company description

Core Laboratories is a leading provider of proprietary and patented Reservoir Description, Production Enhancement, and Reservoir Management services. • Reservoir Description: Encompasses the characterization of petroleum reservoir rock, fluid and gas samples. We provide analytical and field services to characterize properties of crude oil and petroleum products to the oil and gas industry. • Production Enhancement: Includes products and services relating to reservoir well completions, perforations, stimulations and production. We provide integrated services to evaluate the effectiveness of well completions and to develop solutions aimed at increasing the effectiveness of enhanced oil recovery projects. • Reservoir Management: Combines and integrates information from reservoir description and production enhancement services to increase production and improve recovery of oil and gas from our clients' reservoirs. These services enable the Company's clients to optimize reservoir performance and maximize hydrocarbon recovery from their producing fields. The Company has over 70 offices in more than 50 countries and is located in every major oil-producing province in the world. The Company provides its services to the world's major, national and independent oil companies.

Products and services

Reservoir Description, Production Enhancement, and Reservoir Management services.

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