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Address: 9th fl.midplaza bldg jl.jend sudirman av 10-11 jakarta 10220

Tel: +62215707579

Web: http://www.chiyoda-corp.com

Company description

In 2000, international oil majors that had experienced M&As started massive investment into the natural gas related field as it was recognized as a clean energy source. The crude oil price remained high and heightened concerns for environmental protection backed the movement. This movement led to the expansion of LNG plants and, more recently, a much broader gas-value-chain market. As CHIYODA has made a number of accomplishments in the LNG market since 1973 when it undertook construction of an LNG plant in the as the first Japanese company in the Middle East region, the expansion of such a market enabled it to drastically change its business. At present, the LNG plant market is an oligopoly occupied by four major companies. CHIYODA is one of them and occupies about 30% of the share.


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