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China University of Petroleum


Address: 18 Fuxue Rd, Changping, Beijing

Tel: +86 10 8973 3256

Web: http://www.cup.edu.cn/

Company description

CUP is a university system (consisting of two universities) of the major universities under the jurisdiction of the central government, Ministry of Education. It is the top petroleum science and engineering focused university in the Chinese education system and a member of "Project 211" to raise the top 100 universities to higher standards of research and involvement in the socio-economic development of China.

Products and services

China University of Petroleum is an engineering university that specializes in oil and petrochemical industry subjects, in the overall level of domestic lead. Its five national key specialties are: - Chemical Technology - Mineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration - Oil-Gas Well Engineering - Oil-Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering - Oil-Gas Field Development Engineering [5]

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