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China Petroleum & Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association (CPEIA)


Tel: +86-10-68532101

Web: http://www.cpeia.org.cn

Company description

China Petroleum & Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association (CPEIA) was established in 1985. It is a juridical association approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. CPEIA is a non-profit industrial organization with the voluntary participation of enterprises and institutions engaged in researching, designing, manufacturing, supplying and using of petroleum and petrochemical equipment. About 900 members of CPEIA are from various departments and areas of the country. Most of them have passed ISO 9000 QMS certificates and most of their products are API and ASME certificated. The top authority of CPEIA is its General Assembly and the Directorate is its executants, the Secretariat works for daily operations. The President of CPEIA is taken turns by the leader of the largest enterprises, such as China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (SINOPEC) and China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) etc. The 6th Directorate is constituted by 160 Organizations/ Individuals, including 53 Standing Directors and 17 Vice Presidents. CPEIA has 8 professional committees and the headquarters and secretariat of CPEIA are located in Beijing with 6 working departments. The Tenet of CPEIA is: To serve the government and members, to be a connecting bridge between the government and enterprises, to do our best for the management of the industry, to reflect the opinions and desire of the members, to protect rights and interests of the members, to enhance the exchanging and cooperation between members and to promote the development of the industry and international exchanges.

Products and services

The Main Tasks of CPEIA are: To investigate and research for framing the industrial development strategy, put forward proposals on the industrial programming, policy and legislation; To provide consulting service, hold forums and seminars on the industrial development; To be commissioned to collect, analyze and release the industrial information, compile the Industrial Data and Purchase Guide; To operate the CPEIA publications and website, To play an important role in the constituting, revising and implementing of national or industrial standards on products, service and industrial admittance; To constitute the industrial autonomic rules and harmonize the correlation of members,; To promote the Brand Strategy, recommend enterprise for National Award and conduct the development, appraisal and promotion of new technology, new process, new material and new products; To hold training courses,guide and help members in improving management, technical innovation for enhancing their competitive ability; Being authorized by national administrations to checkup license for Special Equipment (Pressure Pipe Elements) Manufacturing; To organize study visits, exhibitions both at home and abroad, and provide platforms for economic & technical exchanges and co-operations.

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