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Chevalier Floatels – Netherlands


CHEV FLO LOGO 7-2015Chevalier Floatels is a shipping company specialized in floating accommodation. It was founded in 2004. The first major accomplishment of Chevalier Floatels was the development of two floating prisons for the Dutch government. Each prison accommodated over 450 inmates.

Another milestone for the company was the development of 5 accommodation vessels for the largest offshore construction site in the world. The Kashagan D-island in Kazachstan. The barges accommodated over 1500 guests and had to comply with the strictest environmental regulations and extreme climatic conditions. In view of the development schedule of the oil site, the vessels had to build in a very narrow time frame.

In 2013 Chevalier Floatels developed the first two dedicated walk to work vessels in the world, DP Galyna and DP Gezina. The DP 2 vessels are equipped with Ampelmann heave compensated gangways, have SPS code and are certified for 60 persons of which 40 are guest. The vessels comply with the highest standards and comfort levels. Chevalier Floatels also owns 4 accommodation barges ranging from 100 cabins up to 250 cabins. All to the highest comfort levels with all facilities on board. They also own one flattop barges that will be converted in a floating accommodation unit.

Contact Details
Doddendael Estate
Kootwijkerdijk 2
3774 JT Kootwijkerbroek
Tel: +31 342 44 14 04
Email: info@cfbv.com



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