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CGGVeritas (Land) U.S. Inc.


Address: Sucursal del Peru Calle Las Golondrinas 193 - San Isidro PERU

Tel: +51 1 222 4585

Web: http://www.cggveritas.com/

Company description

CGGVeritas is the world’s leading international pure-play geophysical company delivering a wide range of technologies, services and equipment to its broad base of customers mainly throughout the global oil and gas industry.

Products and services

Geophysical Products & Services CGGVeritas is the world's leading provider of geophysical data, software and equipment to the oil and gas industry - worldwide. Data Library CGGVeritas are committed to offering high-quality data library in the most relevant locations utilizing the latest acquisition and processing techniques. Our well-positioned library comprises over 300,000 sq. km of 3D coverage and almost 300,000 km of 2D programs. We currently lead the industry in wide-azimuth data, offering key acreage in the Gulf of Mexico. Hampson-Russell Software & Services Hampson-Russell has been providing innovative geophysical software and services since 1987. Today, we strive to maintain our reputation as THE name in seismic interpretation and reservoir characterization by offering a fully integrated suite of world-class geophysical interpretation tools alongside global consulting and reservoir characterization services. As part of CGGVeritas, our services combine regional expertise and an advanced exploration and reservoir characterization toolbox to help our clients reduce their exploration and development risk. Acquisition - Land & Shallow Water CGGVeritas is uniquely qualified to provide high-end land and shallow water data acquisition services. We have unrivalled experience which is complemented by our industry-leading resources and expertise. With a potential capacity of around 30 land and transition zone crews operating around the globe, equipped with over 200,000 recording channels, we are ready to conduct your acquisition project, whether large or small, at any location and always with the greatest attention to detail. Acquisition - Marine & Seabed CGGVeritas has the world's most versatile seismic fleet of 19 vessels. This gives our clients unrivalled access to high-end vessels with a variety of towing configurations to suit their requirements. We have a range of seabed technologies available, including both nodes and ocean bottom cables, to provide flexible seabed solutions for use in exploration and reservoir monitoring. With an ongoing program of fleet investment and renewal, the fleet is continually being upgraded with the latest technologies. In addition to safe operations, quiet streamers and high quality data, CGGVeritas provides an integrated service that spans the entire project life cycle, from conception, through operations planning to acquisition and reporting. Processing & Imaging CGGVeritas is a recognized leader in seismic data processing, with special emphasis on depth imaging, 4D and reservoir characterization. Using geovation, our benchmark software for advanced seismic data processing and imaging, we focus on differentiating ourselves through technology and by providing the best services and products, both for our clients and for our data library programs. Multicomponent CGGVeritas has been a leader in the use of multicomponent seismic for more than 30 years. During this time, multicomponent has evolved from its origins in small-scale land surveys to the latest high-density, wide-azimuth 3C onshore and 4C ocean bottom surveys. As the industry turns towards higher risk conventional reservoirs and unconventional sources of hydrocarbons, such as heavy oil deposits, multicomponent seismic has truly come of age. It provides valuable insights for reservoirs where conventional seismic fails to deliver, allowing a fuller understanding of your reservoir and enabling the right development decisions to be made. Wide Azimuth CGGVeritas has been closely associated with wide-azimuth surveying from its conception, and can offer unrivalled experience in survey design, acquisition and processing, whether in an onshore, seabed or offshore environment. This experience places CGGVeritas in an industry-leading position to drive this step-change technology, worldwide. 4D Seismic 4D seismic is now a well-established technique which is making a valuable contribution to the production and development of hydrocarbons around the world. Advances in technology, especially processing, have allowed us to produce more precise time-lapse seismic differences and transform these into the context of reservoir engineering. With proper calibration and petrophysically constrained inversion techniques, we are now able to derive quantitative estimates of changes in reservoir properties such as fluid saturation and pressure. Equipment (Sercel) As the world leader in seismic exploration equipment, Sercel designs, manufactures and supports a full range of high-tech integrated equipment for seismic exploration in land, transition zone, marine, ocean-bottom and borehole environments. With an unrivalled reputation for quality, Sercel prides itself in delivering highly productive equipment that operates reliably and efficiently in the most challenging conditions.

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