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Address: Alameda Santos, 745 - 9º andar Cerqueira César - São Paulo - SP CEP: 01419-001

Tel: +55 (11) 3175 6661

Web: http://www.ccee.org.br

Company description

CCEE is non profit civil association created in 2004 and is reponsible for the marketing activity of energy, contributing to the sustainable development of the Brazilian energy market. CCEE provides a platform to conduct auction bids for the selling and buying of electric energy in Brazil.

Products and services

CCEE is responsible for the accounting and cash settlement in the short-term market power.The institution is responsible for the calculation and dissemination of the Settlement Price Differences - PLD, used to value the purchase and sale of energy. CCEE also participate in: making contracts for the free and regulated market, keeping track of power generation and energy consumption data, investigates violations, conducting the auctions...

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