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CapRock Communications


Address: 38 Clavering Rd , Bayswater, Perth 6053 WA Australia

Tel: +61 8 9471+6100

Web: http://www.caprock.com

Company description

CapRock provides broadband Internet, secure corporate networking, Voice over IP, and real-time video for customers operating in remote and harsh environments within the energy, government, maritime, engineering and construction, mining and disaster recovery markets. In such industries, extreme environments and isolated facilities create difficult work environments. Providing reliable communications in these conditions can be challenging, but that's what CapRock does best. With nearly three decades of experience, CapRock understands the needs of customers operating in such remote and harsh locations. This knowledge enables CapRock to deliver communications with consistent quality of service, proven reliability and superior customer service. By combining industrial-grade solutions ruggedized to perform in extreme environments with carrier-class service that includes multiple Network Operations Centers, CapRock is committed to the reliable transmission of customers' critical data. Whether on a ship at sea traversing the Atlantic Ocean, an offshore drilling rig operating off the coast of West Africa, or a government contingency operation site in the Middle East, you can count on CapRock to connect you to the ends of the earth.

Products and services

The CapRock Perth office provides comprehensive communication services for energy, maritime and mining clients across Asia Pacific. For over a decade, CapRock has provided clients operating in the region with managed communication services such as VSAT and microwave, professional and technical services including contract personnel, and systems integration and supply services for IT and communication networks. The Perth regional support center houses sales, engineering and operations, project management and field service personnel. It serves as a base of operations for installations and local service and support throughout the region. The facility also includes an on-site warehouse with build and test space and inventory and spares storage. Adjacent to the facility is the NewSat teleport, where CapRock is co-located and owns and operates its equipment and infrastructure. The NewSat teleport lands and interconnects clients’ voice and data traffic with networks in-country and around the world. The CapRock facility houses the termination points for the local fibre links and the connection to the NewSat teleport. The teleport offers a full range of C and Ku-band services and operates multiple earth stations, ranging from 3.7M to 13M. The combination of NewSat leveraging the latest generation of satellite technology and CapRock’s 24/7 support, ensures the service reliability that customers have come to expect from CapRock.

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