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Canada Eurasia Russian Federation Business Association (CERBA)

Address: c/o Chisholm Bolshoy Strochenovskiy Per., 15 A Moscow, Russian Federation 105064

Tel: (495) 708 4324

Web: http://www.cerbanet.org/public/index.php?page_id=1

Company description

The Canada Eurasia Russian Federation Business Association (CERBA) has a network of six chapters located in Moscow, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver, and a membership base of over 200 corporations and individuals in a wide range of sectors.

Products and services

As an association, CERBA provides an extensive network of contacts with frequent networking events, informative seminars on pertinent topics in the Eurasian market for Canadian companies, an annual National Conference, a quarterly printed Newsletter, committees of the Canada-Russian Federation Business Council (CRBC), access to annual trade missions, as well as market intelligence, advocacy on government policy, and active, Canada-focused sector committees.

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