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Cameron Malaysia


Address: Kuala Lumpur - Cameron Asia Office Level 33 Menara Mazix, KLCC Kuala Lumpur,50088 Malaysia

Tel: +60.3.2381.0355

Web: www.c-a-m.com

Company description

Cameron is a leading provider of flow equipment products, systems and services to worldwide oil, gas and process industries. Leveraging its global manufacturing, sales and service network, Cameron's 11 operating divisions work with drilling contractors, oil & gas producers, pipeline operators, refiners and other process owners to control, direct, adjust, process, measure and compress pressures and flows. The company generates annual bookings in excess of $5 billion with more than 16,000 employees at more than 250 locations around the world. Cameron is headquartered in Houston, Texas and derives approximately 2/3 of its business from outside the United States.

Products and services

The Drilling & Production Systems group provides products, systems and services at or near oil or gas wells. There are five operating divisions in the group: Drilling Systems provides blowout preventers and control systems, drilling elastomers, choke manifolds, marine risers and handling equipment and high-capacity wellhead connectors under the CAMERON brand. Surface Systems provides land and marine API 6A gate valves, trees, wellheads/spools/hangers, high pressure seal technology, and clamps and connectors. Product brands are CAMERON, McEVOY, WILLIS, WKM, IC, TUNDRA and STEROM. Subsea Systems provides subsea systems, wellheads, trees, templates and manifolds, running tools, flow line connectors, production and installation/workover controls, project management and system engineering. Product brands are CAMERON, WILLIS and DES/MARS. Flow Control provides subsea chokes and actuators, control chokes, drilling chokes, valve actuators and safety shut down systems. Product brands are CAMERON, WILLIS and LEDEEN. Petreco Process Systems provides custom-engineered process packages for separation and treatment of oil, gas, produced water and solids. The division serves both production and refining markets. Product brands are PETRECO, WEMCO, KREBS, KCC, VORTOIL, BFCC, UNICEL, METROL, and EDGE The Valves and Measurement group provides a wide range of ASME valves and auxiliary equipment and flow measurement systems used in oil and gas drilling, production, transportation and refining markets. There are four divisions in the group: Distributed Valves provides ASME gate, ball, butterfly, plug and check valves for drilling and production applications. Product brands are DEMCO, NAVCO, NUTRON, TBV, TECHNO, TEXSTEAM, THORNHILL CRAVER, WHEATLEY and WKM. Engineered Valves provides ASME pipeline ball, gate and check valves used in production and transportation applications. Product brands are CAMERON, GROVE, RING-O and TOM WHEATLEY. Process Valves provides critical service ASME rising-stem ball, gate, plug and check valves for refining and industrial applications. Product brands include ORBIT, GENERAL, TK, ENTECH, WKM and FOSTER. Measurement Systems provides measurement and control instrumentation for the global oil & gas and process control industries. Product brands are NUFLO, BARTON, CLIFF MOCK and CALDON. The Compression Systems group provides reciprocating and centrifugal compression products, systems and services to oil, gas and process industries. There are two divisions in the group: Reciprocating Compression provides integral and separable compression equipment and systems to oil and gas operators & pipeline contractors. Product brands are AJAX, SUPERIOR, COOPER-BESSEMER, TSI, TEXCENTRIC, ENTERPRISE and CSI. Centrifugal Compression provides integral gear, oil-free centrifugal compression equipment and systems for oil & gas and process industry applications. Product brands are MSG, TURBO-AIR and JOY. Cameron's original equipment manufacturing operations are supported worldwide through CAMSERV, Cameron's Aftermarket Services activities. These services include parts, service, repair, and re-manufacturing and asset management on either a comprehensive package basis or on an as specified basis with our customers.

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