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Cameron Brazil


Address: Rua da Assembleia, 98 20th floor 20011 000 Rio De Janeiro - RJ,Brazil

Tel: 55 21 2172 9698

Web: www.c-a-m.com

Company description

Cameron is a leading provider of flow equipment products, systems and services to worldwide oil, gas and process industries. Leveraging its global manufacturing, sales and service network, Cameron's 11 operating divisions work with drilling contractors, oil & gas producers, pipeline operators, refiners and other process owners to control, direct, adjust, process, measure and compress pressures and flows. All 11 divisions operate in the Brazilian market.

Products and services

Drilling Systems Surface Systems Subsea Systems Flow Control Process Systems Valves & Measurement: Distributed Valves Engineered & Process Valves Flow Management Solutions Measurement Systems Compression: Reciprocating Compression Centrifugal Compression

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