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C & C Technologies South Africa

South Africa

Address: C & C House @ Ship Ashore 53 Peninsula Road Zeekoevlei, Cape Town 7941, South Africa,South Africa

Tel: +27-(0)21-705-2741

Web: http://www.cctechnol.com/site.php

Company description

C & C Technologies South Africa is focused on hydrographic survey equipment product sales and technical support. Our core business is the supply and support of the C-Nav decimetric satellite based Differential Global Positioning Systems but we also provide sales, technical support and training of complimentary hydrographic products from manufacturers such as Teledyne Odom Hydrographic, Teledyne RDI , Teledyne TSS , Hypack, Hemisphere and Carlson . C & C Technologies South Africa is a world class GNSS solutions company providing and supporting state of the art equipment and software solutions for the offshore survey and positioning industry. The division was formed in 2004 and has offices in South Africa. C & C provides a wide range of survey, mapping and related services. The company has several major divisions, including the Geophysical and Geosciences Survey Division, the Unmanned Systems division, the Marine Construction Survey Division, the Land and Transition Zone Survey Division, the Worldwide DGPS Services Division and the Geotechnical Division. C & C’s operations are sustained by several in-house support functions, including a database department, a systems development department, an information technology department, an electronics department, a mechanical fabrication department and a health, safety and environmental and quality assurance function. C & C’s main facility includes more than 45,000 square feet of office, laboratory and warehouse space, and is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Products and services

C & C Technologies Survey Vessels Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Unmanned Semi Submersibles C-Nav C-Scape C-Nav 3050 series C-Monitor and C-Setup control/QA/QC software MarinedGPS (IMO) Carlson Survey software for land development professionals Portable data collectors Hemisphere GPS heading and attitude sensors dGPS integrated receivers and OEM modules Hypack Hydrographic survey software Hypack, Hysweep and Dredgepack Pacific Crest Wireless data communication using radio frequency technology Teledyne Odom Hydrographic Echo sounders Multibeam echo sounders Sound velocity probes Teledyne RD Instruments Marine measurements & water resources— ADCPs and CTDs Doppler Velocity Logs Teledyne TSS Marine Navigation Gyro Compasses Steering Control Teledyne Webb Research Scientific instruments for oceanographic research and monitoring Ship Motion Control Motion sensors and PC instrumentation system including heli-deck & crane monitoring JW Fishers Underwater search systems include side scan sonar, magnetometers, ROVs and underwater cameras

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