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Britoil – Singapore


Company description

Britoil was formed in 1988 and has continued to operate in the offshore oil industry until today. The present group is ISO9001 and ISM certified. The company, which is managed from Singapore, maintains a modern fleet of high class vessels, through a continuous programme of new building and selling the older units. The company has continued to expand over the years and is presently operating a fleet of over 30 vessels in the offshore construction industry. Since 2004, all new building for the fleet has taken place in Britoil’s own sophisticated shipyard in Batam, Indonesia. The company has over 26 years of experience specializing in anchor handling, towing and transportation, transporting a wide variety of materials including modules, offshore structures, cranes and heavy lifting equipment. All vessels conform to the highest safety standards and are built to withstand extreme environments and handle the most challenging of projects. Britoil has implemented systems to comply with the ISO14000 and ISO18000 requirements and expect to receive certification in May 2014. Britoil’s complete value chain is in-house and through their group of companies, they design, build, crew and operate their own fleet. The company’s head office in Singapore have state of the art satellite communications allowing continuous monitoring of the vessels, thereby providing flexibility in response to the customers’ needs and their changing demands. Britoil’s shipyard in Batam is highly automated and is one of the most modern shipyards in the region. This, coupled with high calibre staff, ensures that all projects undertaken have been completed on schedule and to the highest quality standards. The shipyard has built in excess of 20 offshore vessels during the last 10 years. Britoil’s yard has won the award for the most environmentally friendly and efficient shipyard in Batam in 2013.

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