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BP Southern Africa

South Africa

Address: BP House 10 Junction Ave Parktown, 2193

Tel: +27 11 488 5111

Web: http://www.bp.com/sectiongenericarticle.do?categoryId=487&contentId=2000683

Company description

With nearly 600 BP branded service stations nationwide, BP Southern Africa is one of the largest oil companies in the country What we do Our history in South Africa reaches back to the early 1920's. Today, BP Southern Africa's head office is in Cape Town, with plans to relocate to Johannesburg during 2008.The business is focused on refining and marketing of fuels and lubricants. At the Sapref refinery 16km south of Durban on the East Coast of South Africa we process crude oil while the manufacture of lubricants takes place at an oil blending plant at nearby Island View. In addition to a national network of BP branded service stations, we operate eight owned depots and three coastal installations. Our people and partners BP Southern Africa employs more than 1000 people who come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds with 11 different home languages. Our main centres of employment are Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. As well as co-owning the Sapref refinery with Shell, through Masana Petroleum Solutions, BP has a 45% minority stake in a commercial and industrial fuels marketing business alongside our black empowerment partners. Masana Petroleum Solutions was, the first black-owned and managed energy company of its kind in South Africa. Community investment Our presence reaches far beyond South Africa's metropolitan centres and into many of the country's outlying and marginalized communities. This has led to a firm understanding of local needs and our purpose in meeting our broader social obligations,is to respond to particular local needs that ultimately ensure the sustainability of those communities. The overall aim is to achieve sustainable socio-economic development for all beneficiaries in the belief that this will impact positively on the business itself. For example, we encourage staff to get involved in community projects, knowing that this has a positive impact on employee well-being and performance. Education is our primary community investment avenue with a focus on energy, the environment and road safety. In addition, we support a number of projects that address specific national development priorities - namely, a strong business leadership and skills development programme which aims to produce future engineers through mathematics,science and technology education; skilled professionals for the financial services sector; and artisans and technicians. Over and above addressing skills development, we also have a long-standing commitment to meeting the HIV/Aids challenge by funding education programmes aimed at preventing the spread of the disease. Since 1996, we have been involved in HIV/Aids prevention in communities through our support for Soul City, a dynamic and innovative multi-media programme that has grown into a television, radio and print broadcast medium, in six African countries. Soul City reaches more than 16 million South Africans each year.

Products and services

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