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Address: Koperslagersweg 2, 1786 RA DEN HELDER

Tel: +31 (0)223 637784

Web: http://www.bluestreamoffshore.com/

Company description

Bluestream is an international orientated project organization, headquartered in Den Helder, the Netherlands. They offer a wide range of dedicated services ranging from diving services, ROV and rope access. Services can be provided, onshore and offshore, to the oil & gas, petrochemical, telecom and wind energy industry covering the fields of installation, repair, inspection and maintenance. Projects can range from adhoc intervention work to turnkey installation. Operations to any part of the world are arranged from the main office in Den Helder, the Netherlands. Clients find in Bluestream a project partner with years of experience and multi-disciplined staff, willing to meet new demands and providing solutions.

Products and services

Oil and Gas Service provider

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