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Banks Energy Corp United States of America


Address: 12864 Biscayne Blvd,Miami, Florida 33181

Tel: +1 305-359-3893

Web: http://www.banksenergy.net

Company description

Our initial mission was to create a bridge between buyers and sellers of energy products. We operate as your product search, location and shipping assistance group. Giving you one location to source the energy products you need. By offering this service we have enabled our customers to continue to focus on their core business while we procure the exact products required. This allows our customers to save time and money. We have helped and continue to help many companies and countries locate the energy products they have been searching for. As global trade continues to grow so do the number of customers that utilize the internet to search for or purchase products. Banks Energy is currently seeking funding for further oil and gas exploration and development. We are also interested in becoming involved in various ventures and partnerships involving sustainable energy. Banks Energy is in the process of assembling a highly qualified team of geologists, engineers, geo-scientists, and operators who will ultimately play major roles in our success. By building such a team we hope to develop a track record of success. The company will develop strict policies that will lead to the drilling of low risk oil and gas prospects, located in areas of proven production. There are numerous leases available for drilling and development, but only a select few will meet the required criteria. We will evaluate many oil and gas prospects per year and select only the few that our team feels will provide a positive out come. We intend on developing multi-well projects, that will minimize our investors risk by extending the investment across multiple wells, increasing the investors probability for success. Our project selection process requires all of our prospective projects to past rigorous and detailed geological analyses performed by our geological team.

Products and services

Coal, Waste Oil, Fuels, Wood Chips, Oil, Natural Gas, Alternative Energy

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