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Australian Drilling Associates


Address: Level 5, Rialto North Tower 525 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Tel: +61 3 8'+610 3000

Web: http://www.australiandrilling.com.au

Company description

Australian Drilling Associates, founded in March 1994 is an independent international Well Engineering and Project Management company with an excellent track record of successfully managing multi-operator Drilling Consortiums. Our core strengths are in our collective industry knowledge, international experience, ability to deliver projects, and track record of successfully meeting client objectives and deliverables in offshore/onshore drilling projects across Australia and internationally. OUR MISSION IS TO DELIVER SAFE, COST EFFECTIVE WELLS WHICH MEET ALL CUSTOMER OBJECTIVES Australian Drilling Associates (ADA) strives to provide efficient drilling solutions for its clients, delivered safely and on time, with minimal environmental impact, and within budget. Our commitment to the highest standards of HSE and Quality management is supported by a continuous improvement process at all levels of the organization, ensuring the safety of all involved and the achievement of outstanding results for our clients.

Products and services

DRILLING CONSORTIUM MANAGEMENT Australian Drilling Associates brings the capabilities and strengths of major E&P companies to smaller Independents through it's Drilling Consortium Management services. We also recognise that we work to the budget of independents and not the major E&P companies. . Within a consortium, ADA coordinates and manages the individual drilling projects for a number of junior and major E&P companies , with the collective goal to cost effectively secure and share a drilling rig and third party services particularly in a constrained market. Especially for those Operators scheduling a relative short and/or remote project, the cost of securing a rig for their project exclusively can be prohibitive. Where each individual project may be uneconomic on its own or simply unable to access a suitable drilling rig and/or third party services, the combined drilling program of a consortium has a substantially larger bargaining power and more readily access to drilling units and other third party service providers. The facility to efficiently share certain costs within a consortium provides the benefits of major E&P companies to the members of a drilling consortium. In addition to the specific Consortium Management services, i.e. Contract Management, Consortium Representation and Consortium Administration, both Project Management and Well Engineering are integral parts of the service ADA provides to the consortium. ADA has managed several multi-operator consortiums in Australia and New Zealand, using jack-ups and semi-submersibles, and is the leading provider of this service within the region. DRILLING PROJECT MANAGEMENT Australian Drilling Associates provides a complete drilling project management service for offshore and onshore single or multiple exploration and production well campaigns. The ADA team is structured like an oil company's conventional drilling department providing an experienced cohesive team to manage the entire project, including project planning, well design and costing, obtaining the relevant regulatory approvals, contracting of all services, operations management, and project close-out. A key advantage of outsourcing project management is the immediate access to a multi-disciplined team specific to a project. Our outsourcing eliminates the need for a permanent drilling department, associated overheads and ongoing costs during idle periods which could benefit for junior independents with limited infrastructure , it could also benefit larger operators who are stretched for resources in any particular period or region. ADA has a resident core team of qualified professionals, with extensive international engineering and drilling management experience, and is qualified to take on all tasks of a traditional drilling department The team has consistently and successfully achieved significant performance against credible industry benchmarks, by applying the following project management principles: Clear definition of project scope and areas of responsibility Delivering clearly defined plans with appropriate risk analysis Provision of 'best-in-class' personnel to supervise the project Using proven and robust systems to control and monitor the project Closing out the project with the pre-agreed documents and reports. WELL ENGINEERING SERVICES ADA can provide a range of well engineering services covering complete well design through to specialised engineering tasks utilizing the latest engineering software. ADA uses industry recognized software as part of its well design process, as well as drilling risk analysis tools, to analyse technical and commercial drilling risks. Continuous exposure to an evolving industry will ensure our clients can have the latest technology applied to their project. Listed below are some of the well engineering services that ADA can offer: Well engineering and planning Development and review of manuals for operations and procedures management Field engineering feasibility studies for conceptual and operational engineering Asset evaluatiossessment Partner and JV engineering support and commercial studies Independent review of drilling programs, procedures and well design Well control risk assessment Well audits Peer review of Drilling and completions programmes Peer review of domestic/international operations Expert testimony HSE Australian Drilling Associates is committed to applying the highest standards in Health and Safety as well as protecting the environment. Most aspects of HSE and Quality management are managed by our resident HSE staff with specialist services contracted as and when required. ADA can manage the preparation, submission and approval process for all documents and plans required by the relevant authorities. Listed below are some of the HSE documents that ADA can prepare. Safety Case Revision for MODU and operating facilities Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Plans and Environmental Management Systems Emergency Response Plans, Major Emergency Management Plans, Crisis Management Plans, Training and Exercises Guideline and Procedure Development Oil Spill Contingency Plans, Oil Spill Trajectory Modelling, Training, Exercise Safety Case Due Diligence, Review HSE Management System Development, Audit, Review Safety and Operational Training HSE and Operations Input to Project Design and Commissioning HSE / Safety Plan Development and Implementation HSE Hazard / Risk Analysis and Management Contractor Operational and HSE Management and Auditing HSE and Operations Procedure Development and Training Well control verification and audit Quality With respect to Quality management, ADA is an ISO certified organization. The ADA Management System conforms to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems requirements, reflecting consistency and rigor over a wide range of well engineering and project management activities. COMMERCIAL ADA consider flexibility to accommodate customer requirements is paramount. For that reason, several business models for the relationship with the client may be considered, which include but are not necessarily limited to: Lump sum project payments Reimbursable time based payments, subject to workscope Incentive performance payments against work objectives The commercial models can also be adjusted as appropriate to accommodate as many or as few of the customer's own personnel as desired

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