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Astromaritima Navegacao


Address: Rua Lauro Muller, 116 grupo 1305 Botafogo - Rio de Janeiro

Tel: +55 21 3820-1250

Web: http://www.astromaritima.com.br/ingles/index.htm

Company description

ASTROMARÍTIMA is one of the pioneering companies in the provision of marine support services to the oil exploration and production industry on the Brazilian continental shelf. As such the group through its staff and fleet of vessels, has been providing the following services for three decades to the Brazilian market and is looking both inside and outside of the country for growth opportunities.

Products and services

I. Charter of the company's marine support vessels dedicated to: a. Supplying oil exploration and production units b. Towing c. Anchor handling d. Fighting oil spills and fires e. Environmental monitoring II. Operation, agency services and administration of vessels III. Chartering vessels through operational agreements with several companies for: a. Supporting well stimulation b. AHTS type high-power vessels c. PSV type high-capacity vessels

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