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Association of Power Consumers (NP-ACE)

Address: 123022, Moscow, 2nd Zvenigorodskaya., 13, p.42

Tel: +7 (495) 258-28-11

Web: http://www.np-ace.ru/

Company description

The Association of Power Consumers (NP-ACE) has been established in January 2009 to consolidate the efforts of consumers in protecting their interests in the development of a competitive electricity market. The founding entities are JSC "United Power Supply Company" (group of TNK-BP), JSC "Energy Power Company" (UMMC), OJSC "Siburenergomanagement" (Sibur) and CJSC "Industrial Power Company."

Products and services

The objectives of the Association of Power Consumers according to the Charter are: - The protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the Partnership in the functioning of the electricity markets, the representation of their interests in the bodies responsible for the regulation of the industry; - Improving the functioning of the electricity market regulations; - Establishment of equal and mutually beneficial relations between Partnership members and other participants in the electricity market and infrastructure organizations, as well as the prevention of disputes and conflicts between them.

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