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Argentine-Dutch Chamber of Commerce



In the last 95 years, the House has been a link, a very important link in the forging business culture that developed between the two nations. Over the years they have flourished inevitable comparative studies between the Dutch approach and Argentina, both specifically concerning business activity, as to life in general.

There have been good and bad times to do business in and from Argentina in these past 95 years. The Chamber has not been oblivious to it. In doing so it has sought to reconcile the interests of its members with the dictates of the general interest of the community in which they develop, and adopting a Code of Business Ethics on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday. With the same spirit and same date, the Chamber organized what it understands is a solid contribution to the clarification of ideas in regard to the possibilities of improving the production and insertion within Argentina in today’s globalized world.

As Chamber, we are contributing to improving the business environment and hence the improvement and strengthening of the centuries-old trade relations between Argentina and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


Address: Avenida LN Alem 1074 to 1012
1001 Buenos Aires

Phone: +54 (011) 5252 0839

Email: info@ccah.org.ar

Homepage: http://www.ccah.org.ar/


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