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Address: 183032 Россия, Мурманск, Кольский проспект, 1. ,Russian Federation

Tel: +7 (8152) 25-46-47

Web: http://www.amngr.ru/

Company description

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Arcticmorneftegasrazvedka" was established in 1979 to perform work on the exploration, prospecting and developing oil and gas fields offshore of the Arctic seas of Russian Federation. The main achievement of the company over the past 30 years is the discovery in the Barents and Kara Seas of major new resource base of oil and gas industry in Russian Federation comparable in its potential to the surrounding areas of West Siberia and North Europe.

Products and services

Currently AMNGR State Enterprise is the only state-owned enterprise in the Russian Federation capable of enforce the full range of offshore exploration, including design, construction of wells, scientific data processing and calculation of reserves.

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