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APPI- Indonesian Electrical Manufacturers Association


Address: Jl.Taruna No.1 Pulogadung -Jakarta 13068

Tel: +62-21- 4892325

Web: http://appi-electric.co.id/

Company description

APPI- Indonesian Electrical Manufacturers Association formed in May 1976. The formation of this association was first initiated by several companies engaged in the manufacture of electrical panels. At that time the members are still amounted to 16 companies. Entering the AFTA and WTO, the era of globalization, APPI has arranged courses for their members such as the ISO program, the standardization program of the National Standardization Agency, accredited by Bakri in the Chamber of Commerce certification as a substitute member of the APPI TDR / DRM (Government Certification). APPI is also involved in bilateral cooperation between the team and the Ministry of Industry and Trade Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to enhance the ability of national industries including electrical products. In the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) - Cooperation Mutual Recognition, APPI is involved as a team member of the National Bureau of Standards Indonesia. Besides the ISO program, APPI is able to participate in oil and gas industry, APPI continues to intensify relations with the Surveyor Indonesia to solve the problems of its members. APPI also attempts to improve the sustainability of quality products of IFSA members through quality control and application of industry standards, as well as providing support for small industries such as in Tegal and SUnited Kingdomabumi.

Products and services

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