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ANP – AgÝencia Nacional de Petroleo


Address: Avenida Rio Branco, 65/22 floor - 20090-004 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Tel: +55 0800-970-0267

Web: www.anp.gov.br/

Company description

ANP was created in accordance with Article 8 of Law No. 9478 of August 6, 1997 - with wording amended by Law 11.097 of January 13, 2005. “The ANP will aim to promote regulatory, contracting and surveillance of economic activities in the petroleum industry, natural gas and biofuels, it shall: 1) Revised : Implement in their sphere of competence, the national oil policy, natural gas and biofuels, contained in national energy policy, under Chapter I of this Law, with emphasis on ensuring the supply of oil, gas natural and derived products, and biofuels throughout the national territory, and protection the interests of consumers as to price, quality and availability of products 2) Promote studies aimed at delimiting blocks for the purpose of granting of exploration, development and production; 3) Control the execution of geological and geophysical surveys, applied to oil exploration, aiming at the collection of technical data for the marketing in a non-exclusive; 4) Preparing bids and tenders to promote the provision of exploration, development and production, celebrating the contracts and overseeing its implementation; 5) Authorize the activities of refining, processing, transportation, import and export, as established by this Act and its regulations; 6) Establish criteria for calculating tariffs for pipeline transportation and define their values in the cases and manner provided for in this Law; 7) Revised: Control either directly or through agreements with State and Federal District, the activities members of the petroleum industry, natural gas and biofuels, and to apply the administrative penalties and fines provided for in law, regulation or contract; 8) Instructing process in order to declare public utility for expropriation and imposition of easements of areas needed to exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas, refinery construction, pipelines and terminals; 9) Revised: Enforce the good practices of conservation and rational use of oil, natural gas, biofuels and their derivatives and preservation of the environment; " 10) Organize and maintain archives of information and technical data relating to regulated activities in the petroleum industry, natural gas and biofuels; " 11) Revised: To stimulate research and adoption of new technologies for exploration, production, transportation, refining and processing 12) Consolidate the information annually on the national reserves of oil and natural gas provided by the companies, & responsible for disclosure 13) Supervise the proper functioning of the National Stocks Fuels and the fulfilment of the Annual Strategic Fuel Stocks, 14) Cooperate with other regulatory bodies on energy sector matters of common interest, including for the purpose of technical support to CNPE; 15) Regulate and authorize activities related to the supply national fuel, inspecting them directly or through agreements with other Union bodies, Federal District or municipalities. Added in ’05: 16) Regulate and authorize activities related to production, import, export, storage, warehousing, distribution, sale and marketing of biodiesel, inspecting them directly or through agreements with other organs of the Union, States, Federal District or municipalities; " 17) Require regulated agents to submit information concerning operations of production, imports, exports, refining, processing, treatment, processing, transportation, transfer, storage, warehousing, distribution, retail, allocation and marketing of products subject to its regulation; " 18) Specify the quality of petroleum, natural gas and its derivatives and biofuels. "

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