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Altamira Port Authority


Address: Calle Río Tamesí Km. 0 800, Colonia Puerto Industrial. Altamira, Tamaulipas, México

Tel: +52 (833) 260-60-60

Web: http://www.puertoaltamira.com.mx/php/eng/seccion-01.php?eCodSeccion=201

Company description

Located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, in southern Tamaulipas, its strategic location allows for speedy access to any market in the world. Altamira Ports is located 500 km from the US border and its location is to reach the main economic centers in Mexico.

Products and services

Among the competitive advantages of the Port are: 1) Port-Industry Integration The strategic planning of the Port Industrial Complex, allows for importing raw goods on a large scale through the port of Altamira to service the local industry, as well as national and international distribution of finished goods with attractive logistical costs. 2) Flexibility for all industrial sectors The distribution of the project's surface takes in to account the zoning of areas for any type of industry; the infrastructure and port terminals can be adapted to any need. 3) Land connections The land connection network allows companies to manufacture within the complex and then distribute to various cities within Mexico. 4) Constant investment and infrastructure On average, more than 400 million pesos are invested in port infrastructure, roadways and services, making the Complex an excellent development foundation. 5) Energy source In order to comply with our investors' energy requirements, the Port Industrial Complex has an extensive electricity network. Currently 2 important foreign companies are operating on 3 generating plants, producing a total of 2,500 MW/hr. 6) Extensive territorial reserves There are more than 2,000 hectares available for industrial project development and more than 1,500 hectares available in the port facilities for the development of maritime terminals. 7) Work force Highly qualified labour contributes to the development of Altamira. 8) Security, quality and care for the environment Our commitment to quality and the ecosystem guides our growth and development plans, we are certified under ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004. Additionally, we operate under the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) Code security standards, which make us a safe Port. 9) Committed to our clients In Altamira we visualize our clients as partners, and to ensure their success, their business project is our main priority. 10) Quality of life Located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the Complex has the necessary components to complement its executives, workers and their families' lifestyles

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