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South Africa

Address: 2 Diesel Road, Ndabeni, 7450, Western Cape

Tel: +27 21 511 7473

Web: http://www.allweld.co.za

Company description

Vic Elves arrived in South Africa in 1952 and after being involved with the dredging of the Zandvlei at Marina da Gama in Cape Town he identified a niche in the local engineering sector. A specialised welding company offering personal expertise to local engineering companies was the basis of Vic’s unique selling proposition. Many long hours were spent growing the business and it was not too long before Allweld was recognised as the leader in cast iron, aluminium, stainless and problem steel welding. Vic’s amiable personality lent itself to the growth of the business and although the systems were more hands-on than technology driven, the customer base continued to grow. Sons Clinton and Leigh joined the business in 1988, having spent many hours as youngsters watching and working alongside their father. With the youthful injection came new systems, ideas, processes and markets – and the boys were not only learning from their experienced father, but were more importantly learning on-the-job. This on-the-job training became synonymous with Vic’s drive to train all his staff in all aspects of welding and general engineering. Tragedy struck the company when Vic passed away in 1996 and in 1999 an industrial incident claimed the lives of Clinton Elves and two employees. Leigh Elves who was also seriously injured in the incident decided in 2000 to take Allweld to a new level of quality, safety and professionalism. He acquired the business from other family members, proceeded to appoint a strong management team and infused his forward thinking strategy into the local industry. After 2002 changing from a CC to a PTY (Ltd) some key people joined Allweld Marine & Industrial, Wessel le Roux, Norman Binedell & Shaun Groenewald obtained and are now share holders in the company. Allweld, a Cape Town-based marine and industrial engineering company, has been servicing the Southern African market for over forty eight years. Traditionally established in 1962 as a specialised welding and jobbing operation for companies involved in the local industrial and marine industry, Allweld has in the past number of years progressed into the broader sphere of transacting directly with leading local and international companies. Allweld’s mantra being: “The Best in the Weld”. This approach to not only being solutions-driven, but also extremely hands-on has allowed the youthful management team to develop into a most competitive and progressive company currently operating throughout various industry sectors within South Africa. The focus is such that Allweld has subsequently identified the offshore oil and gas and mining industries as ones that require an alternate choice of contractor for specialised welding, pipework, valve refurbishment, heat treatment and project management services. In an effort to overcome the skills shortage prevalent within the marine and industrial sectors, a sister-company, Allweld Solutions, was created to offer welding certification and the placement of trained welders within general industry. This training facility can accommodate up to 40 trainees offering testing and coding to industry requirements. The Best in the Weld The Managing Director, Leigh Elves, not only the corporate leader, is a most accomplished welder and oversees many of the site welding operations. He is very hands-on when it comes to ensuring that task specific welding can be performed to customer requirements by literally doing the welding himself and then mentoring those in his team to ensure his exacting standards are maintained. This has endeared him to many major customers who see his personal involvement as a risk-reducing aspect to their own projects. The diversity of experience across not only the management team, but encompassing the entire operation has afforded Allweld the opportunity to continually tackle larger projects over a broad spectrum – including the installation and welding of all struts and braces on the Cape Town Stadium that was erected for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The ability for Allweld to meet extremely tight deadlines and to meet stringent international specifications has been demonstrated in this and all the other projects undertaken. Allweld has matured to seize more of the opportunities being presented to them and can now rightfully stand tall as a company that has proven its capabilities with both international and local customers.

Products and services

Welding We are capable of welding all types of materials including: Aluminium: Gangways, piping, castings and fabrication Chrome Moly Steels: EN19, EN24 and piping for the petrochemical industry. Copper: Cooling systems for furnaces, furnace nozzles and buzz bars. Stainless Steel: A wide variety of stainless steel plate/piping for the food and marine industry and 310 for furnace components. Cast Iron: Castings, cylinder heads, engine blocks, manifolds and machine parts. Titanium: Chemical industry components, exhaust manifolds and special applications for bicycles, helicopters and the aircraft industry. Bronze: Aluminium Bronze, phosphor bronze, silicon bronze and copper nickel. Magnesium: Gearbox casings.

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