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Aker Solutions

United Arab Emirates

Address: LOB 19, 6th Floor, Suite 04, Jebel Ali Free ZonePO Box 262597 Dubai

Tel: +971 48106600

Web: http://www.akersolutions.com/

Company description

Aker Solutions provides oilfield products, systems and services for customers in the oil and gas industry world-wide. Our knowledge and technologies span from reservoir to production and through the life of a field. Aker Solutions brings together engineering and technologies for oil and gas drilling, field development and production. The company employs approximately 28 000 people in more than 30 countries, who apply the knowledge and create and use technologies that deliver our customers' solutions.

Products and services

Control rooms and cabins - Each MH drilling control room is designed to give an optimal solution for the individual drillfloor and can be designed for one, two or three operators. MH RamRig™ - Aker Solutions' MH RamRig represents state-of-the-art technology with a well proven and successful operational track record since 1998. It can be applied to fixed and floating drilling platforms. The concept’s inherent features make it especially competitive on deepwater rigs. Technology development - The objective of our technology development programme and intellectual property rights (IPR) strategy is to improve Aker Solutions’ competitive position by increasing the value that we can add to our customers’ assets. To achieve this objective, our technology development programme is designed to identify the opportunities that new technology can offer and to develop and qualify new technologies effectively. Semisubmersible production platforms - Aker Solutions is a leading provider of semisubmersible production platforms. Our track record includes world-class projects such as Gjøa and Kristin in the North Sea, Blind Faith in the Gulf of Mexico, P-51, P-52 and P-56 offshore Brazil, and Ichthys offshore Australia. Our expertise covers the entire integrated production system.

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