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Advanced Holdings Ltd.


Address: 29 Senoko South Road, S758083

Tel: +65 6854 9000

Web: http://www.advancedholdings.com

Company description

Started in 1993 to create a niche business by combining its engineering expertise in the supply of process technologies and equipment, SESDAQ-listed Advanced has today established itself as an ISO9001:2000 certified specialist company which designs, licenses and supplies proprietary process equipment and process technologies to cater to the different needs of its customers in the chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation and micro-electronics industries. While Advanced’s key markets are the PRC, Middle East, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam, the Group has offices and presence worldwide to cater to the needs of its global customers. With its five offices strategically located in Singapore, Malaysia, the PRC (Shanghai and Beijing) and South Korea (Seoul), Advanced is well-positioned to tap into the further growth of these industries in the region. Strategic Alliances with global leaders from petrochemicals process to speciality equipment industries has enhanced Advanced's vision of being a global service solution provider. With companies like MECS, Dupont, Thermo as our partners, Advanced will continue to design and construct quality high performance products for our clients. Advanced's 4-pronged Corporate Strategies drives its corporate initiatives and business activities; namely – (1) Organic Growth, (2) Strategic Technologies and Products, (3) Capabilities Investment and (4) Strategic Investments. In summary, Advanced continues to pursue larger markets and extending its geographical footprint, broadens its businesses segments and enhances its competitive strengths through strategic partnerships, ventures and investments and human capabilities initiatives.

Products and services

Advanced Holdings provides analysers, speciality valves and equipment, and process technologies

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