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Accelerate Cape Town

South Africa

Address: 8th Floor, MSC House, 1 Mediterranean Street, Foreshore, Cape Town, 8001

Tel: +27 021 408 7255

Web: http://www.acceleratecapetown.co.za

Company description

Accelerate Cape Town is a business think tank and a catalyst in bringing together stakeholders in the Cape Town region to develop and implement a long-term vision for sustainable, inclusive economic growth. The organisation was started by a group of business leaders brought together by a common concern over the pace and direction of change in the Cape. They agreed that a common long-term vision and future strategy were needed for the region, and that “big business” should play a leading role in developing and implementing them. Accelerate Cape Town works on mobilising the combined expertise, influence and enthusiasm of its members to deliver long term socio-economic growth for the Cape region. The key aims of Accelerate Cape Town are to: accelerate economic growth in the city and the region promote the city and region as a prime locality for investment effectively represent the views of big business establish a vibrant network of leaders in business, government, education and other stakeholders set up and maintain constructive partnerships. Our vision stems from the conclusion reached in our Vision 2030 programme. Vision 2030 is business’s contribution to the thinking on how to create sustainable growth and prosperity for all in the Cape Town city region, developing a more equal and just society in environmentally sensitive ways. Our vision is to transform the Cape Town City Region into Africa’s Global City, a city of inspiration and innovation.

Products and services

Accelerate Cape Town’s activities are focused on four key areas, i.e. thought leadership, networking, influencing and mobilising. It places particular emphasis on taking action and encouraging others to take action in order to achieve our vision. 1.Thought leadership Accelerate Cape Town develops leading global thinking on city and regional development, particularly learning from medium-sized, second cities that are recognised internationally as successful. This thought leadership is developed by : research projects commissioned by Accelerate Cape Town, ongoing reading and networking with representatives of other organisations involved in city and regional development by the central staff of Accelerate Cape Town, attending local and international conferences, and visiting similar cities around the world to gain knowledge on how they have either succeeded or failed in their own development processes. 2.Networking Accelerate Cape Town acts as a central point where people know that they can be put in touch with other leaders. It regularly brings together local leaders of business, government, labour, education, community and state-owned enterprises to ensure that they meet each other and can work together towards a common goal. 3.Influencing Accelerate Cape Town also uses the thinking that it has developed and the networks that it has created to influence the leaders of business, government and other influential individuals and groups. Its intention is to encourage them to take action in ways today that will move the Cape closer towards our long-term vision. 4.Mobilising In the words of independent scholar & futurist, Joel Barker, “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” Accelerate Cape Town is driven to ensure that the ideas it develops, the networking it does and the influence it exerts lead towards the implementation of projects by its partners. In particular, it encourages the formation of public private partnerships that advance the goal of achieving the long-term vision

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