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ABPIP – Brazilian Association for Independent Producers of Oil & Gas


Address: Av. Almirante Barroso, 63, sala 1506 20031-003 Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brasil

Tel: +55(21) 2240-0350

Web: http://www.abpip.com.br

Company description

ABPIP was created on March 9, 2007, was formed by concessionaires of the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels - ANP, to explore for and produce hydrocarbons in Brazil. The main objective of the Association is to defend and promote the development of exploration activity and production of oil and natural gas in sedimentary basins; stimulate activity for independent companies in the aim to consolidate a competitive industry and ensure a sustainable, ethical and socially responsible industry. Independent companies play a strategic role in the development of the sector as they represent the generation of jobs and regional development to complement the work conducted by large companies who focus on larger projects. The creation of ABPIP allowed its members to have a body active in the defense and consolidation of the segment of the independent producer in Brazil. For this, his performance is necessarily focused on removing barriers to better performance of independent operators and the search for a policy to encourage small and medium-sized oil companies.

Products and services

Alvorada Petróleo S.A. * Aurizônia Petróleo S.A. * Brazalta Brasil Norte Comercialização de Petróleo Ltda. * El Paso Óleo e Gás do Brasil S.A. * Koch Petróleo do Brasil Ltda. * Nord Oil and Gas S.A. * Norse Energy do Brasil Ltda. * Orteng Equipamentos e Sistemas Ltda. * Partex Brasil Ltda. * Petrogal Brasil Ltda. * Petrosynergy Ltda. * Ral Oil Gas Comércio Ltda. * Recôncavo E&P S.A. * Severo Villares Projetos e Construções Ltda. * Starfish Oil & Gas * UTC Engenharia S.A. * Vitória Ambiental Engenharia e Tecnologia S.A. * W. Petróleo S.A.

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