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Address: Av. Almirante Barroso, 52, 21º andar, sala 2.102 parte Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ 20031-918

Tel: +55 (21) 2532-5704

Web: www.abespetro.org.br

Company description

The ABESPetro is an educational non-profit organizations established in April 2004. The ABESPetro consists of 32 member companies operating in Brazil. The ABESPetro originated from one of the many subcommittees of the IBP the Commission specifically Companies Offshore Services. In this committee, the companies discussed issues of common interest but the commission had no power of representation of these interests, because the IBP is apolitical. Therefore, there was a clear need to create an independent entity or association in various areas that could represent the common interests of companies servicing oil.

Products and services

Represent its members in the society and in particular the oil industry in order to provide services with increased quality, safety and respect for the environment and legislation * Promote the protection of general interests and legitimate rights of members by encouraging cooperation between the different segments of the oil industry * Give associated guidance, assistance and representation in economic or legal matters of common interest

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