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ABB Norway


Address: Bergerveien 12, Postboks 94, N-1375 BILLINGSTAD

Tel: +47 22 87 24 00

Web: http://www.abb.no

Company description

ABB Norway is the result of the merger of four major Norwegian industrial companies: Flower (Frognerkilens Fabrik), Electrical Bureau A.S., Asea Peer Kure AS, Electrical Union (National Industrial). History 1986: Electrical Bureau (EB) merge with Electrical Union. 1987/1988: Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.. (ABB), Switzerland, buying 63% of the EB, so that goes along with the Flower and Asea Per Kure to what would become the second largest privately owned industrial company in Norway - EB Group. 1989: * EB parts Telcom-business with Ericsson. EB takes over signal, control and safety systems for railways from Ericsson, while Ericsson takes over parts of EB Telecom. * The accumulation of oil and gas will start by including the acquisition of Global Engineering, and 40 percent in the Maritime Group. 1991: Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.. (ABB) buys the rest of stake in EB. 1992: * EB changes the name of Asea Brown Boveri Ltd (ABB) * ABB acquires Vetco Gray Inc., Trallfa Robot AS, Norwegian Fan Factory, Asea Skandia and Philip Hauge 1999: * Acquisition of Bailey Norway. The business goes into ABB Industrial * Sales of ABB Norsk Kabel to Draka Holding B 2001: ABB's operations in Norway are united in one company - ABB AS. All former subsidiaries will be added into divisions under ABB AS. The business of ABB Offshore Systems continues under the same name and ABB Financial Services AS will continue as a separate company.


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