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+7 Sea Geosciences

South Africa

Address: 8 Manatoka Avenue Pinelands Cape Town South Africa 7405

Tel: +27 (0)21 531 8878

Web: http://www.7sea.co.za

Company description

7 Sea Geosciences is committed to addressing the imbalances of race and gender that have been caused by unjust practices in South Africa’s past. We do not believe it is sufficient to use availability of people as an excuse for imbalances in population groups in the company and consequently we have placed skills development very high on the company’s agenda. The company has been trading for just under 2 years and currently has 6 full time employees, of which 4 are from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. We are very proud of this statistic and intend to continue to promote the profession in previously disadvantaged communities, especially at pre-tertiary level. Above all, 7 Sea Geosciences is committed to quality and will endeavour on all occasions to deliver the most cost effective service expeditiously and to the highest standard possible. We, as a company, are committed to giving 100% of our effort to produce the best product possible for our clients. Consequently we have a company motto which reads: “Sustained quality and experience in geoscience through our people, innovation, development and training.” GOALS: To provide a cost effective, quality-driven scientific service that is internationally recognised and competitive. To address the current skills shortage through awareness, personal development and training. To structure all business ventures around best social and environmental practises. To provide a conducive, happy and fulfilling working environment for staff. To ensure that the Republic of South Africa produces competent marine geoscientists and becomes the provider of choice in Africa. To ensure maximum profit for all stakeholders within the guidelines above.


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