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Nationaal LNG Platform (Dutch National LNG Platform)


Address: Nationaal LNG Platform P.a. Deltalinqs Waalhaven Z.z. 19 Havennummer 2235 Postbus 54200 3008 JE Rotterdam T. 010-4020326 E. support@nationaallngplatform.nl W: www.nationaallngplatform.nl

Company description

The National LNG Platform works toward the introduction of  LNG (liquefied natural gas) as a new, cleaner and quieter fuel for road transport and shipping. The Platform connects business and government, who are working on the introduction of LNG, under the Green Deal River Rhine and Wadden. Our mutual objective is to 2015 to operate at least 50 barges, 50 ships and 500 trucks on LNG. The National LNG Platform is the platform to share knowledge and find solutions to problems that everyone working on LNG entering solutions. The Platform is also a partner for the government. 


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