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Energy & Industrial Projects S.A. – Marios Patsalides, CEO – Cyprus

13.01.2015 / Energyboardroom

EnergyBoardroom speaks to J&P, Cyprus‘s leading EPC company in the oil and gas space, to discuss new opportunities in the country, and how J&P has successfully internationalized its operations.

J&P has a track record in providing EPC services to the energy and industrial sectors. What is the company’s market positioning today and what are your competitive advantages?

J&P is a major international EPC Contractor established almost 70 years ago, with an impressive portfolio of successfully completed projects in the Oil & Gas and Energy sector, as well as Civil, Building, Industrial and Infrastructure projects.

With an annual turnover of US$ 735m and a current multi-task, multinational manpower in excess of 14,000 people, as well as a fleet of continuously renewed construction equipment, J&P is constantly featuring among the leading companies worldwide.

In the Oil & Gas sector, J&P can proudly claim that it can undertake and execute any project, irrespective of the size, location and complexity, ranging from few $Million up to and over several hundred $Millions.

Furthermore, J&P has a strong presence in several countries in the Middle East, Gulf Area and North Africa, as well as in Cyprus and in Greece. This international presence allowed J&P to overcome the impact of the crisis in Cyprus, as our activities are spread in several countries.

J&P indeed has a solid international presence. Could you please share to our audience what are today J&P’s overseas ambitions and most prospective markets, as well as its flagship clients?

J&P has a strong presence in several countries in North Africa & the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Libya, Kurdistan (Iraq), Jordan, Egypt, as well as in Cyprus and in Greece.

Our aim is to expand our activities further to new countries and areas in the Middle East and Gulf area, providing our services to all sectors of construction activities.

For the requirement of the Oil & Gas projects, J&P has established a complete in-house Oil & Gas division in its Athens-Greece offices. J&P Energy & Industrial Projects S.A. is a company with over 40 years of experience in the Oil & Gas sector, providing support and assistance to all subsidiaries of the Group.

J&P Energy & Industrial Projects S.A. possesses its own in-house full Engineering Team, of highly trained and well experienced personnel, and is capable of undertaking the full Design and Engineering requirement of a project. Also J&P Energy & Industrial Projects S.A. maintains a dedicated and experienced Procurement department, with a wealthy database of manufacturers and vendors on the Oil & Gas sector. The company is equipped with the most sophisticated Engineering software and other facilities to the latest technology, thus offering a positive contribution to the proper and successful execution of the project.

In the Oil & Gas sector, J&P has executed projects for major National Oil Companies as well as for an important number of private companies. Among our prestigious clients, we are proud to include:

  • Saudi Aramco
  • Vitol Tank Terminal (VTT)
  • Akakus Oil Operations (Former Repsol Oil Operations)
  • ENI Oil Company
  • WAHA Oil Company
  • TOTAL – Compangie des Petroles Total Libye
  • Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO)
  • Azzawiya Oil Refining Co.
  • Veba Oil Operations B.V.
  • Brega Petroleum Marketing Co.

J&P has been selected as one of the key partners in the VTTV terminal project. What has been the scope of your work on what is considered to be, Cyprus’ largest infrastructure project?

The new VTTV terminal is built in the industrial zone of Vasiliko, to world class standards, with the highest safety and environmental standards in place. The project includes:

  • Grass root “Oil Storage Tank Farm and Terminal” Plant with Total capacity of approx. 000m3 (34no Oil Storage Tanks);
  • Oil Products stored: Gasoil, Jet A1, Gasoline, MTBE, FAME and Heavy Fuel Oil;
  • Ship Loading capacity by 1.250m3/hr Ship loading / Transfer Pumps with VSD;
  • Truck Loading for white Products;
  • Steel Structure Jetty, with 1500 m long main Trestle and two lateral Trestles of approx. 250m length each, seated on 247 No. piles
  • Four Berths: Two berths on each of the two Concrete Platforms;
  • Fourteen Marine Loading Arms;


The Cypriot Government and particularly the Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism Yiorgos Lakkotrypis, have made it a priority to develop a sustainable oil & gas sector in Cyprus. How is J&P preparing itself for the day the sector will move on to the next level (production of gas, construction of an LNG terminal, pipeline network or other major infrastructure projects)?

J&P has gained over the years the necessary experience to undertake and successfully complete any project in Cyprus related to the Oil & Gas sector, including the production of gas, construction of an LNG terminal, pipeline network and/or any major infrastructure project.

Recruiting and retaining the right skills is a considerable challenge in Cyprus. How are you attracting and retaining the best human resources at a time of personnel and skill shortages in the industry, and thereby ensuring J&P is a preferred place to work?

J&P is employing today a large number of multi-task, multinational manpower, including Project Management, experienced professionals and specialized Engineers, highly trained and well experienced Technical staff and tradesmen of approx. 14,000 people located in various branches worldwide. The selection of the manpower is made according to their educational background, past experience and/or labor skills.

One of J&P’s major assets is its ability to move manpower from one country to another, required for a new Project awarded to J&P. In this respect, J&P will liaise with other Branches and complement if required additional resources (manpower and equipment) which will be considered as necessary to a Project awarded to J&P.

Any additional manpower requested to be mobilized for a new project will be obtained from:

  • The available or released company personnel in the country, i.e. the personnel presently working on current on-going projects close to termination, or standby awaiting deployment to a new project.
  • J&P employees from the neighboring countries where their projects are close to completion.
  • New recruits.

If nevertheless additional manpower is considered as necessary or beneficial to a project, this will be done through new recruits, where J&P has acquired over the years extensive recruitment experience and capability. Staff employees are mainly recruited from Europe, the Middle East as well as Asia. J&P has established own offices in most of the major cities in Europe and the Middle East and accordingly new recruits are processed through these offices.

Thus we confirm that J&P will not meet any constraint or limitation regarding the number of personnel required for a future project awarded to us.

Looking to the future, what are your vision and expectations for J&P?

We aim to be a leading international building, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering enterprise, with a strong involvement in the energy (Oil & Gas) and industrial sectors.

What is your final message to the 64,000 readers of the Inside Oil and Gas Cyprus?

The future for Oil & Gas in Cyprus is very promising, J&P seeks to be at forefront of developments in this sector and believes that will be many developments over the coming years that should prove beneficial to our Company and the broader Cypriot economy.

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