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Recruitment Services – Edwin Noordeloos, Senior Partner – Netherlands

The senior partner of Jorte Recruitment Services offers his perspectives on recruitment and job marketing trends in the Dutch oil and gas sector.


What was the market niche you saw when you founded Jorte Recruitment Services?

Our company is focused on changing the recruitment field from a ‘traditional’ outlook to a more modern one, centred on a more intimate relationship with the client. Obviously, as a recruitment agency we have exceedingly high skills in this field, from employer branding to job marketing and into the interview and selection stages. The whole process conducted by Jorte is robust; but it is stronger still because we do this hand in hand with our client- we integrate our understanding and knowledge into the company’s processes. This way both entities can focus on their core strengths.

Recruitment and HR are related; an HR business partner is primarily focused on development, assisting management and improving human resources within the company. Recruitment is more marketing and commercially driven- it must attract and select the right candidate. I should be clear that in the end, the client selects who they want- they continue to execute the full function of the hiring manager.

Jorte offers RPO, consultancy work and project based recruitment. Can you tell us how these different elements mesh together?

RPO is the whole package, involving every discipline within the recruitment field. Consultancy is broken up into the areas that clients normally expect to see their client services delivered, across job marketing, employer branding or process management. Our consulting package is more hands off- we seek to fully inform the client, and enable them to carry out the process as best as possible, but our preference is to be more involved- we consider our services are fully demonstrated through a complete RPO package. The difficulty with consultancy is that implementation is the crucial hurdle to achieving the full potential of a well-placed strategy.

The RPO service that Jorte seeks to implement remains at the forefront of human resources business development; it remains innovative. What is the appetite for this service, and how does it set you out amongst your peers?

The desire for human resources remains very high- companies are conscious of the shortage of properly equipped candidates. The principal challenge is that often companies are reticent to outsource recruitment services, even though many other business services such as I.T. for example are commonly procured in this manner. The appetite for RPO is slow here in Europe, due to this conservatism. In the USA, the demand is far higher- 35 to 40 percent of the corporate hiring there is achieved through RPO. In the Netherlands, around 200 people work- but this is going to change.

It is important to increase the awareness of what RPO can offer. It is not desirable to pursue one’s recruitment using external agencies- this does not build up your brand- and any HR director does not want to be dependent on a consultant to find candidates- because any break down of this relationship means the recruitment network disappears. A hiring company wants their brand to be strong in the recruitment sector – this will enable the company to hire candidates more efficiently in future. At the moment, outsourcing recruitment can create the perception that the recruiting party is losing control over the process- this simply is not the case. With RPO, one brings the power of a recruitment company in house.

Familiarity between the client and RPO service provider means that both parties can gain confidence in the abilities of one another, and an understanding of exactly what the other party can offer. Candidates are often placed better because the RPO service provider fully understands what the client needs. RPO lowers the cost per hire too- the cost to the client of hiring a candidate with RPO is around EUR 4,500- 5000, whereas obtaining an engineer through an agency might cost EUR 15-20,000- and does not contribute to the client company’s brand, but that of the recruitment agency.

How do you approach the process of integrating seamlessly into the ongoing operations of a client company?

There are external processes and internals ones, handled as such respectively. The internal process sees a recruitment manager and team placed inside the client company- it is no different for the company to having their own member of staff take forward this process, bar such a candidate might lack Jorte’s collective knowledge! The external process for Jorte involves setting up a good branding site for the client, analyzing where job marketing will be most effective, and handling the process- candidate selection and the like is undertaken from our office. Respectable candidates are then forwarded to the on-site recruiter once they have been vetted.

We do work well with clients, as they have full sight of our processes. We save clients money, whilst promoting the client’s business. All they need to do is complete the final interview of candidates, otherwise we are fully responsible for the entirety of the process.

To focus in on oil and gas; to what extent does the presence of this industry support Jorte’s activities?

It is an interesting market due to the shortage of staff! These are often the companies which are most receptive to RPO solutions as well. Moreover, they are frequently interested in planning how to source their staff not just today, but in two or three years’ time. This is why the long term relationship offered by Jorte- as an RPO company- is again, very attractive to them. In oil and gas, we see often a great conservatism, but in HR this is being overcome by the sheer requirement for staff.

What is your strategy for growth, particularly within the oil and gas sector?

We focus on companies who are active in businesses requiring hiring. Our expertise allows us to streamline the process of attracting and hiring companies. Many businesses, even large oil and gas enterprises still fail to create user friendly recruitment processes- including on their websites. This can put off candidates who might otherwise wish to apply. We simply need to spread the understanding of just how far we can improve these processes- once a client has seen the benefit of our business, our relationship becomes concrete.

Technology innovation is a key area where we are able to continue to develop our services. Facebook and Linkedin are key developments which have allowed us to forward our activities. I would expect that this will allow us to better streamline our interaction with clients. To grow, we need to deal in Europe with the many different cultures and languages. Jorte is conscious of the need to deliver local solutions, backed up by wider capabilities where possible. Local career websites backed by whole organization servers is one example of this. This can allow one to attract the best local talent, but drawing from a global pool of candidates.

What are the fundamentals you consider essential for a human resources company to hold onto to guarantee success?

One has to ‘attract and develop’. An important one liner to remember is ‘hire smart, or manage tough.’ It underlines well the importance of ensuring good recruitment practice is followed. Jorte can facilitate this.


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