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With over a thousand Interviews on leaders from Oil and Gas companies, in both upstream exploration and production to downstream refining and marketing, EnergyBoardroom will walk you through the path of development, where market regulators and the industry are in a constant dialogue to improve business.


Juan Carlos Machorro, Partner – Antonio Massieu Arrojo, Associate – Cecilia Sarabia de León, Associate, Santamarina y Steta Mexico

Santamarina y Steta sat down with us for a candid discussion about the effects of Mexico’s new energy policies, the anticipated effects they will have on Mexico’s international investors, the current place of the global Mexican market and how the …


Alejandro Orozco – Associate Director, FTI Consulting, Mexico

The Associate Director of FTI Consulting explains the company’s global footprint, its main area of expertise in Mexico and how to properly do business in Mexico’s energy, oil & gas industries. FTI Consulting is a multinational professional services firm that …


Dr. Jorge Luis Gonzalez Velazquez – General Director, Grupo de Analisis de Integridad de Ductos (CNH), Mexico

Dr. Jorge Luis Gonzalez Velazquez shares his deep knowledge about metallurgical engineering, his extensive work at PEMEX working on corroded and cracked metal pipelines, his personal achievements as general director of GAID and his ability to multitask as a college …


Catermar – Jose Miguel Aparicio Ferrer, Chief Executive Officer – Mexico

With the liberalization of Mexico’s energy sector, domestic service providers such as Catermar highlight the importance of investing in the development and professionalization of their businesses in preparation for the waves of international investors and operators expected to soon reach …


Industrias Energéticas – Juan Carlos Hernández Nájera, Director General – Mexico

By offering energy efficient, virtually maintenance-free and environmentally friendly power generation solutions, Juan Hernández demonstrates the rewards of cutting-edge technologies and describes the company’s value added proposition for a cleaner and greener, yet more cost-effective, oil industry.     Could …


Pemex – Primo Luis Velasco Paz, Sub-Director of Distribution and Marketing – Mexico

Pemex’s sub-director of distribution and marketing introduces the state-giant’s inaugural Congress and International Exhibition on Hydrocarbon Flow and Quality Measurement and discusses the importance of enhancing accuracy with which Pemex collects and defines measuring points throughout the organization’s value chain. …


Schneider Electric Mexico – Henrique Gonzalez, President

The president of Schneider Electric Mexico highlights the vast investment opportunities in Mexico unlocked by the energy reforms and the importance of ensuring they translate in job and wealth creation for Mexicans.   Could you please introduce the history of …


Petrolink Services – Carlos Palavicini, General Manager – Mexico

With Mexico’s energy reforms stirring up optimism across the industry, Carlos Palavicini discusses the importance of understanding the new environment to fully leverage emerging opportunities.   As recently appointed general manager of Petrolink Services in Mexico, what strategic objectives have …


Schlumberger Mexico – Arindam Bhattacharya, President for Mexico & Central America

Following close to 80 years of unwavering commitment to supporting Pemex’s E&P ambitions, Mexico has for long been of significant strategic importance to Schlumberger’s global portfolio that is only set to intensify with the liberalization of the energy sector. On the …


Goimar – Yann Kirsch, EVP Business Development – Mexico

Executive VP of Business Development of Goimar, Yann Kirsch, illustrates how a partnership approach in Mexico’s oil industry has helped to establish the company as a leading solutions provider in the upstream offshore sector. In addition to that, Yann points …


Association of the Mexican Petroleum Industry (AMIPE) – Erik Legorreta, President

The president and founder of the Association of the Mexican Petroleum Industry (AMIPE) discusses the industry’s participation in the recent reform process, and his ambitions for local firms in this new era of Mexican energy.   We’ve seen your name …


R.H. Shipping and Chartering – Rudolf Hess, President and CEO – Mexico

The CEO of an increasingly influential offshore logistics, freight forwarding and chartering company speaks out about vessel quality standards in the local offshore oil and gas market and the likely impact of impending reforms. He also recounts his firm’s journey …




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