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With over a thousand Interviews on leaders from Oil and Gas companies, in both upstream exploration and production to downstream refining and marketing, EnergyBoardroom will walk you through the path of development, where market regulators and the industry are in a constant dialogue to improve business.


Interview: Samuel Rocher – President, Cybernetix – France

Marseilles-based Cybernetix, which was acquired by Technip in 2012, provides innovative asset integrity management and operational enhancement solutions based on monitoring, robotics and non-destructive testing capabilities. Learn more from President Samuel Rocher on his intentions to further develop the company. …


Interview: Christopher Townsend – Managing Director, Adour International – France

Adour International, with offices in Houston, Aberdeen, Paris and Lagos, helps companies with industrial partnering in countries where local content legislation applies. The founder of the company talks about its niche expertise in Nigerian local content and due diligence work in the …


Interview: Ludovic Macresy – President, DrillScan – France

Since 2001, DrillScan has delivered software, services and training to the drilling community. Learn more from the president on how their software is recognized as the most advanced for complex wells. Could you please introduce DrillScan’s activity? DrillScan is a privately …


Interview: Mehdi Guellil – Founder & Managing Director, Kerdos Energy – France

Kerdos Energy, which was founded in 2010 in France’s “historical oil and gas region,” Pau, works with private and public organizations to identify opportunities and risks related to their transition towards cleaner and more efficient energy sources. Learn more from …


Interview: Jerome Halbout – Partner, 4D Global Energy – France

The co-founder of Paris-based investment management firm 4D Global Energy, talks about their specialization and expertise in the energy sector, and how they transform SMEs into credible potential targets for strategic or financial investors. You take pride in explaining that …


Interview: Pascal Fouache – President, CMR Group – France

The president of CMR, a provider of electric engineering solutions, outlines the evolution of his company from its inception in Marseille to the establishment of a global Asian hub in Singapore. He strongly believes that oil and gas, especially in …


Interview: Alain Garric – Group Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Marechal Electric – Technor – France

The group chief sales and marketing director of Marechal Electric, a supplier of electrical equipment, discusses the growing importance of oil and gas since the acquisition of the Italian company Technor. He also provides insight into the company’s prospects for …


Interview: Regis Arnoux – Chairman & CEO, Catering International Services (CIS) – France

Regis Arnoux founded Marseille-based CIS in 1992 and looks back at years of service and growth. He reflects on the company’s commitment to innovation and continued development based on its core business of catering and living accommodation services in extreme environments. …


Interview: Arnaud Vaissié – Chairman & CEO, International SOS – France

International SOS provides a range of services to the oil and gas sector, from assistance and evacuation services to supporting a client in all aspects of its medical needs, from wellness to occupational health to remote site management. You founded …


Interview: Xavier Delacroix – General Manager, Industrial Battery Group, SAFT – France

The general manager of SAFT’s industrial battery group discusses their application in the oil and gas industry, while emphasizing their resilience and battery-life. You are the head of the Industrial Battery division, which comprises stationary and transportation, together constituting approximately …


Interview: Thierry Trouve – CEO, GRTgaz – France

The CEO of France’s main natural gas transmission system operator, provides an early review of the company’s 2009-2018 investment plan. He shares his ambition to make France an undisputed gas trading hub in Europe. The creation of GRTgaz stems from the …


Interview: Eric Laporte – CEO, Countum Group – France

The CEO of the Countum Group, a supplier of accurate metering solutions, provides insight into the challenging merger between Meci and Satam. He is confident that this merger will spearhead the company’s international development. The Countum Group was born from …




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