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With over a thousand Interviews on leaders from Oil and Gas companies, in both upstream exploration and production to downstream refining and marketing, EnergyBoardroom will walk you through the path of development, where market regulators and the industry are in a constant dialogue to improve business.


Interview with Xu Ding Jiao, Chairman, Copower

Mr. Jiao, you have a similar background to Mr. Huang from HBP. You worked for state-owned oil companies before deciding to do your own business as well as Mr. Huang. He said he felt limited when working in the state-owned system …


Interview with Randeep Grewal, Founder & Chairman, Green Dragon Gas

Mr. Grewal, when you founded this company in the late ‘90s, CBM was a mismanaged industry in China. Majors like Chevron and BP exited the sector in the ensuing years, believing it would not be lucrative. China’s CBM legislation, and …


Interview with Morgan Zhang, President & CEO, TSC Group

Mr. Zhang, you have quite an interesting career profile — you studied drilling engineering in China, and received your masters in petroleum engineering in Alaska. As part of your 28 years in the oil and gas industry, you have worked …


Interview with Mike Collins, Regional Director North East Asia, AMEC Growth Regions, AMEC

AMEC boasts a 70+ year commitment to the Chinese market, having taken its first steps in the region in the 1930s when it built towns-gas plants based on coal gasification for cities including Shanghai. How has this company’s presence historically …


Interview with Desmond Kong, Country VP, Halliburton China

Mr. Kong, in our conversations with Mr. Xu of Schlumberger China, and Mr. Dolman of Baker Hughes China, each country manager respectively commented on his company’s notable historical presence in this market. Schlumberger entered China in the 1980s at the …


Interview with Yann Reynaud, Vice-President, Head of Infrastructure Business, Schneider Electric China

Mr. Reynaud, can you please begin with an overview of Schneider Electric’s newly formed Infrastructure division and its key strengths here in China? Before we delve specifically into this aspect of our business, I would like to frame the discussion …


Interview with Stein Inge Liasjø, Country Manager, Aker Solutions China

Mr. Liasjo, you are perhaps the first oil & gas country manager that we have met that has a working history not in a field like operations or engineering, but rather in communications and finance. You have served as a …


Interview with Raphael Schoentgen, Chief Representative Officer, GDF Suez China

Mr. Schoentgen, can you please begin by detailing your current understanding of the broad energy scenario in China, in light of the recent rollout of China’s 12th 5-year Plan? In Premier Wen Jiabao’s various addresses before the international community over …


Interview with Paul Eveleigh, Executive Vice President, AVEVA China

Mr. Eveleigh, let’s please begin with a bit about yourself. Prior to taking on your current role, you jointly developed China’s only successful foreign-owned wind power producer from the ground up—building, after nearly 6 years of work, a $350Mn business. …


Interview with Kevin Illingworth, Country Manager, Expro China

Mr. Illingworth, can you please begin with an introduction to yourself, and a brief overview of your career to date? I started working in the oil industry when I was 19 years old, in Aberdeen. We were quite lucky in …


Interview with Michael Dolman, Baker Hughes China

Mr. Dolman, your 2009 appointment as Managing Director for Baker Hughes’ North Asia region coincided with Baker Hughes’ reorganization by GeoMarkets. What is your understanding of why the company decided to implement this structural shift, and how would you appraise …


Interview with Chen Liming, President, BP China

Mr. Chen, last year, you were quoted as stating, “China knows it can’t repeat the model that industrialized countries have gone through, with high energy consumption and environmental damage.” You said, “BP could be a strong supporter of the Chinese …




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