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Focus Reports Ltd. Releases New Russia Oil and Gas Report

16.10.2013 / Energyboardroom

In March, a deal signed by Rosneft reshaped the Russian oil industry and significantly bulked up Russia’s top oil producer. Rosneft’s acquisition of the BP joint venture TNK-BP, in exchange for BP gaining 20% of Rosneft’s shares, effectively consolidated Russia’s first and third largest oil producers. At $55 billion, it was the largest deal ever signed in Russia and as a consequence, Rosneft even knocked ExxonMobil off the podium for the world’s largest oil producer with 4.6 million bpd production. As a result of these moves, should investors continue to look at Russia and think ‘business as usual?’

Written after exclusive interviews with the country’s decision makers from local and multinational companies, manufacturers, distributors, experts, legislators, this is a unique resource for those looking beyond figures.



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