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Spain Facts & Figures Snapshot

09.10.2017 / Energyboardroom


Spain macroeconomic snapshot

Eurozone GDP fluctuations 2007-17. Spain is performing better than Greece and Italy, but still lags behind France and the Eurozone average.

Unemployment rate in Spain 2002-17. After peaking at over 25% in 2013, unemployment has steadily decreased since but still stands at around 18%.

Spain’s GDP growth 2008-16.

Imports and Exports

Crude imports to Spain by country in 2016. Mexico stands as the largest individual country with 14.4%. 48.6% of all imports come from OPEC countries.

Natural gas imports and exports for 2016. 71.6% of all Spain’s natural gas imports originate in Africa, while 96.9% of all exports go to the rest of Europe.

Spain’s imports and exports split by type of petroleum product.


This map shows Spain’s domestic refinery capacity. Spain’s nine refineries are spread throughout the country, with Algeciras in the south standing as the largest facility.

The evolution of refining capacity usage in Spain.


Spain’s LNG terminals ranked by storage capacity, emission capacity and number of tanks.

Mapping Spain’s gas infrastructure.

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