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The Netherlands Key Energy Statistics

The key statistics for The Netherlands’ energy market by world ranking. To read more articles and interviews from the Netherlands, and to download the latest free report on the country, click here. 


The Netherlands Oil & Gas Outlook

The Netherlands has a long energy history. Today it is adapting to the new low price environment with its customary ingenuity. This article forms part of EnergyBoardrooms’ 2015 Netherlands Report – click here to download the whole report. The Netherlands …


The Netherlands’ International Reach

The Netherlands has a long history of international exploration, production, and exports, and that has filtered through into the attitudes in the industry today. This article forms part of EnergyBoardroom’s 2015 Netherlands Report – click here to download the whole …


How The Netherlands Is Keeping Up With Exploration and Production

Production is declining worldwide and the Netherlands is no exception. This article explainss how the country is responding to the challenge. It forms part of EnergyBoardrooms’ 2015 Netherlands Report – click here to download the whole report. Like its North …


The Netherlands Moves Into Offshore Exploration

The Netherlands is a small country with a world-class offshore exploration sector. EnergyBoardroom’s recent report on the Dutch oil and gas sector caught the industry at a moment when some companies are preparing for better conditions in the market. This …


Gemini Wind Park

The Gemini offshore wind park in the Dutch North Sea is to be one of the world’s largest wind farms, both in terms of size as well as production. With a total 600 megawatt capacity, Gemini will also be one …


Interview: Matthias Haag – CEO, Gemini Wind Park, The Netherlands

CEO of Gemini Wind Park, Matthias Haag illustrates the significance of the country’s largest offshore wind development to the nation’s renewable energy mix, as well as the variety of operational and financial hurdles that the company has overcome since beginning …


Henrik Veder Group

Hendrik Veder, RopeQuip, European Rope Services – together with Wire Rope Services and Industrial Ropes – have merged into the Hendrik Veder Group. The group officially came into being on 1 September 2012, and is now a single, market-oriented organization …


Interview: Berend Reinink – CEO, Hendrik Veder Group, The Netherlands

The CEO of Hendrik Veder Group, Berend Reinink discusses the on-going integration efforts with respect to the group’s recent formation and how this newly formed organization will help enable the company to provide unparalleled standards in the supply of wire …




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