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Interview: Iván Martén – Senior Partner and Managing Director, Vice Chairman Energy Practice, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Dr. Iván Martén, vice chairman and former global leader of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)’s energy practice, discusses emerging trends in global oil and gas, BCG’s unique combination of analytics and interpersonal connections in its service offering, and the results …


EnergyBoardroom releases new Spain Inside Oil & Gas Report

Energy Boardroom today releases a new report on the Oil & Gas sector in Spain, ‘Inside Oil & Gas Spain.’ With an economy recovering to pre-crisis levels, a host of diversified and internationalized energy and EPC companies, a regional-leading oil …


Spain Oil & Gas Report

With an economy recovering to pre-crisis levels, a host of diversified and internationalized energy and EPC companies, a regional-leading oil and gas infrastructure, and the beginnings of greater interconnectivity with both the rest of Europe as well as Africa, Spain …


Mapping Spanish Oil & Gas

Spain’s gas infrastructure including pipelines, LNG plants, import facilities, natural gas fields, underground storage facilities, and compressor stations.  This map shows Spain’s domestic refinery capacity. Spain’s nine refineries are spread throughout the country, with Algeciras in the south standing as …


Spain Facts & Figures Snapshot

Macroeconomy Spain macroeconomic snapshot Eurozone GDP fluctuations 2007-17. Spain is performing better than Greece and Italy, but still lags behind France and the Eurozone average. Unemployment rate in Spain 2002-17. After peaking at over 25% in 2013, unemployment has steadily …


The Basque Country: A Tradition of Excellence

Tucked away in the north of Spain, the autonomous community of the Basque Country has established a position as one of Spain’s wealthiest and most prosperous regions. The Basques have demonstrated great resilience to the financial crisis, backed up by …


Interview: Asier Calonge – Managing Director, Kaefer Spain

Asier Calonge, Managing Director of Kaefer Spain has implemented a corporate culture focused on the creation of new business opportunities. As a result, Kaefer is viewed less as a subcontractor and more as a partner. In this interview, he details …


Interview: Bernabé Unda – Executive Chairman’s Counsel for Commercial Shipbuilding and Diversification Issues, Navantia (SEPI Group), Spain

Bernabé Unda of Navantia, Spain’s publicly owned and largest shipbuilder, discusses Navantia’s successful internationalization, including contracts with both the Australian and Norwegian navies, the company’s resistance to fluctuations in energy prices, and their cutting-edge technologies. Could you begin by introducing …


Interview: Juan Riva – CEO, Grupo Suardiaz, Spain

Juan Riva president of Grupo Suardiaz, one of the largest shipping companies in Spain, as well as president of the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA), discusses the uncertainty relating to the future of energy transportation in Europe, the importance of …




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