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Indonesian Oil & Gas Production Profile

The following graph shows the development of Indonesian oil and gas; from early growth through to the 1977 and 1995 peaks, the era of the Oil and Gas Law, and the recent revival. Click here to read more articles and …


Indonesian Infrastructure Spending Chart

2015 saw a massive leap in the amount that Indonesia is spending on infrastructure; with Indonesian President Joko Widodo identifying it as key to reviving the country’s stuttering economy. To read more about Indonesian infrastructure spending, click here. Click here to read more …


Indonesian Infrastructure Development: Building the Road to the Future

By making infrastructure development one of the defining planks of his presidency, Joko Widido strives to inject new momentum into Indonesia’s stuttering economy. Public spending in Indonesia rose by 7.3 percent in quarter four of 2015, as a direct response …


Looking towards the Trans Pacific Partnership

Indonesia has expressed interest in joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP); but are the TPP’s potential benefits to the country (removal of trade barriers and economic growth) outweighed by its potential downsides (greater foreign competition, turmoil for SMEs)? In October 2015, H.E. Joko …


Interview: Dr. Syamsu Alam – Upstream Director, Pertamina Indonesia

Pertamina’s upstream director reviews 2015’s domestic production in Indonesia, including its averaging demand and supply gap of approximately 600,000 bpd and highlights how international expansion will help Pertamina secure Indonesia’s energy supply. Moreover, he considers Indonesia’s hydrocarbon reserves, emphasizing the …


Bias Mandiri Group Indonesia

Bias Mandiri Group is a national leading provider of forwarding, shipping, port services and marine services based in Batam, the company was built as a forwarding company. Bias Mandiri Group has served and provided excellent and professional services to meet …


Interview: Lisa Yulia – COO, Bias Mandiri Group, Indonesia

The COO of the Bias Mandiri Group (BMG) in Indonesia discusses how commitment to Indonesia and emphasis on local content has been a pillar of success on their way to become the dominant indigenous logistics conglomerate in Indonesia. She furthermore …


Interview: Rachmad Hardadi – Refinery Director, Pertamina, Indonesia

“We anticipate rising demand and are well underway to meet our population’s needs!” – The Refining Director of Pertamina outlines the national oil company’s strategy to supply Indonesia’s demand in refined products and furthermore highlights how strategic partnerships will complement …


Interview: Achmad Zakky Ridwan – Country Manager, DNV GL Indonesia

The Country Manager for DNV GL Indonesia highlights the synergies created by DNV and GL’s merger in 2013, making them a powerhouse in the certification industry. Moreover, he highlights how an enhanced local presence and R&D competence makes DNV GL’s Indonesian operations …




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