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Interview with Lim Haw-Kuang, Executive Chairman, Shell Companies in China

Mr. Lim, can you please begin by outlining Shell’s strategic priorities on the Chinese market? I would start with an update for you on our strategic activities in China. Shell is currently working with the DRC, a think tank under …


Interview with Jian Guo, Oil and Gas Advisor, INTSOK China

Mr. Guo, as INTSOK China advisor, When we met with Mr. Willumsen from Statoil China, he remarked that the Chinese offshore model was designed with help from Norwegian advisors, who were invited to the country in 1981 to discuss the …


Interview with Ronald Morris, President, Roc Oil China

Your career in oil and gas has afforded you travel to some very interesting markets—throughout 30 years of working with organizations such as Chevron and OriOx, you have worked in countries such as Angola, Burma, Colombia, the North Sea, and …


Interview with Christian Murck, President, American Chamber of Commerce in the People’s Republic of China (AmCham-China)

China is actively climbing the economic value chain, and is evolving from a straightforward manufacturer to a nation that seeks to innovate and creatively market products, to enter foreign markets, and to increasingly compete globally as a sophisticated player. To …


Interview with Dirk Moens, Secretary General, European Union Chamber of Commerce in China

The EU and China have interesting trade dynamics. The total trade balance is well in China’s favor: in 2010, China exported approximately 281.9Bn EUR worth of goods to the EU, more than doubling EU good exports to China. However, the …




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