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Interview: Venancio Dias, Country Manager, Mokveld Valves Brazil

The country manager of Mokveld Valves in Brazil talks about the importance of considering total lifecycle costs, and what it takes to be a successful manager of a multinational service provider in the Brazilian market.   The company has been …


Interview: Renato Bertani, CEO, Barra Energia, Brazil

Renato Bertani, President of the World Petroleum Congress, sits down with EnergyBoardroom to discuss Barra Energia, of which he is also CEO, covering topics including risk spreading in Brazilian pre-salt and the pace of technological innovation in Brazil. What is …


Coal Production Brazil

  Brazil is the world’s 31st largest coal producer, but the 11th largest exporter of coal.Source: EIA


Total Primary Energy Brazil

The table below shows Brazil’s production and consumption of primary energy, as well as energy intensity, since 1980.Source: EIA


Electricity Production Brazil

The table below shows Brazil’s consumption, capacity and net generation capacity since 1980.Source:EIA


Natural gas production and consumption, Brazil

  The table below detail’s Brazil’s production and consumption of natural gas since 1980. Source: EIA


Oil production and consumption in Brazil

Today, Brazil is the eleventh largest oil produer in the world, but its consumption levels are growing rapidly. However, its remaining reserve figure remains high.Source:EIA


Doing business in Brazil: culture to local content

Brazil is not renowned for an easy, welcoming business climate; indeed, the reputation of the country is one of bureaucracy and rigidity. That being said, Brazil was the largest producer of liquid fuels in South America in 2012 and the …


Interview: Felipe Lopes, General Manager, Sotreq, Brazil

Felipe Lopes, Managing Director (Maritime section) of Sotreq, Brazil’s largest Caterpillar dealer, describes how their service excellence has gained business recognition and applaud in Brazil. He details Sotreq’s expansion strategy and how this fits in with the requirements of Brazil’s …




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