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Indonesian Infrastructure Development: Building the Road to the Future


By making infrastructure development one of the defining planks of his presidency, Joko Widido strives to inject new momentum into Indonesia’s stuttering economy. Public spending in Indonesia rose by 7.3 percent in quarter four of 2015, as a direct response …


Looking towards the Trans Pacific Partnership


Indonesia has expressed interest in joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP); but are the TPP’s potential benefits to the country (removal of trade barriers and economic growth) outweighed by its potential downsides (greater foreign competition, turmoil for SMEs)? In October 2015, H.E. Joko …


Indonesian Energy: Rediscovering prowess on the world stage


After a period on the sidelines, Indonesia is now back again right at the forefront of international energy geopolitics having simultaneously reactivated its OPEC membership and been inaugurated into the International Energy Agency (IEA). On the face of it, Indonesia …


Indonesia: revitalizing the hydrocarbon titan


Bolstered by an array of energy resources, Indonesia arose from the mire of the 1997 Asian Crisis with verve and buoyancy. Today, it is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, boasts a youthful population, and over the last three years …




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