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Doing business in Brazil: culture to local content


Brazil is not renowned for an easy, welcoming business climate; indeed, the reputation of the country is one of bureaucracy and rigidity. That being said, Brazil was the largest producer of liquid fuels in South America in 2012 and the …


Pre-salt developments change the game in Brazil


Operators do not currently face a lack of commercial sustenance in the Brazilian market, but there is still the need to ensure one’s company is best suited to dealing with the local business environment. Speeding up the integration of new …


Run-of-the-river hydro in Brazil: a viable alternative?


While reservoir hydro facilities guarantee a steady power supply, they often wreak serious environmental damage. Run-of-the-river facilities are an alternative, but they are costly and don’t guarantee the same steady supply of electricity. However, in Brazil, companies are beginning to …



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