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Articles tagged with: infrastructure



Interview: Joost Lasschuit – Managing Director, Top Side Offshore Technology – Netherlands

Joost Lasschuit elaborates on his aspirations for Top Side Offshore Technology, mainly to offer an all-encompassing operations control center for offshore with an expanded product portfolio and expanded global reach in the world’s offshore hubs. What were your initial aspirations in …



Interview: Pascal Fouache – President, CMR Group – France

The president of CMR, a provider of electric engineering solutions, outlines the evolution of his company from its inception in Marseille to the establishment of a global Asian hub in Singapore. He strongly believes that oil and gas, especially in …



Interview: Xavier Delacroix – General Manager, Industrial Battery Group, SAFT – France

The general manager of SAFT’s industrial battery group discusses their application in the oil and gas industry, while emphasizing their resilience and battery-life. You are the head of the Industrial Battery division, which comprises stationary and transportation, together constituting approximately …



Interview: Walid Sfeir – President, Sofregaz – France

In April 2014, Walid Sfeir took the helm of Sofregaz, a longstanding engineering company specialized in gas. The president emphasizes the company’s ability to deliver a comprehensive set of services, in the LNG sector notably. Sofregaz boasts nearly 60 years of …



Interview: Patrick Janssens – CEO, Shipyard De Hoop – Netherlands

The CEO of Shipyard de Hoop discusses how the shipyard acts as one-stop-shop for its clients, including not only all key disciplines in-house but also the financial muscle necessary to support clients in choosing original designs. He shows Shipyard de Hoop as an example of …



Interview: Bas Hennissen – Vice President Industry and Bulk Business, Port of Rotterdam – Netherlands

The Port of Rotterdam’s vice president of industry and bulk business shares his extensive vision on the Port of Rotterdam with regards to current market challenges, the attractiveness of the port, and how the Port of Rotterdam is working with …



European Energy Security Through Gas: The Netherlands, And The Viability Of The Gas Roundabout

Following the discovery of the Groningen gas field in 1959, a giant natural gas field located in the northeast of the country, the Netherlands started to become heavily involved in the domestic production and international exportation of natural gas. After …



Antoine Bresolin – CEO, Eiffage Metal – France

The newly appointed CEO of Eiffage Metal, a global leader in turnkey metal construction, discusses the importance of the oil and gas sector to his company’s success. He also provides insight into the strategies adopted by Eiffage Metal to respond …



Ivan Replumaz – Managing Director, SBM Offshore Malaysia

The managing director of SBM Offshore Malaysia discusses the company’s long-standing history in the country, its work on Malaysia’s first deepwater FPSO, and Kuala Lumpur’s role as a regional center for the group.   SBM Offshore has been active in Malaysia …



Malaysian Marine and Heavy Engineering Expertise

Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Holdings Berhad (MHB) began as Malaysia’s first shipyard in 1973. Over the years, the company moved into the oil and gas sector and became involved in more substantial projects. Privatized as a wholly-owned subsidiary of …



Falck Safety Services Netherlands – John Herfkens, Managing Director

The managing director of Falck Safety Services Netherlands, home of the largest safety training facility in the world, discusses the correct approach to safety in developed markets, and how companies like Falck can work above and beyond safety requirements in …



Interview: Willem van Geenhuizen – Member of the Board and the former CEO, A.Hak – Netherlands

The former CEO and board member of A.Hak speaks about the complementary nature of the businesses that come under the A.Hak umbrella, and the importance of international growth for the pipeline-focused company.   Can you tell us about the early movement …




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