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Articles tagged with: transportation



Interview: Johan De Saeger – Chief Representative, ENGIE, Indonesia

The Chief Representative of newly rebranded ENGIE discusses how the Indonesian energy sector is fast becoming a test-bed for the demonstration and scaling up of fresh technologies and innovative operating concepts. He goes on to explain how the local market …



Engen Expands Service Station Network in Mozambique

Engen, the African energy multinational, is continuing its aggressive retail expansion in Mozambique, with plans for three service stations in the near future – one in Maputo and two in Inhambane. The company currently operates in 18 countries in Sub …



Interview: Smain Larbi Ghomri – CEO, Hyproc – Algeria

The CEO of Algeria’s energy transportation company, Hyproc, explains the future investment strategy of the company and its contribution to maintaining Algeria as a key LNG & LPG player on the international scene. What have been your major successes since becoming …



Interview: Patrick Janssens – CEO, Shipyard De Hoop – Netherlands

The CEO of Shipyard de Hoop discusses how the shipyard acts as one-stop-shop for its clients, including not only all key disciplines in-house but also the financial muscle necessary to support clients in choosing original designs. He shows Shipyard de Hoop as an example of …



Interview: Steve Harley & Patrick Corsagni – President & Vice President, DHL Energy – France

The president and vice president of DHL Energy discuss the division’s rapid evolution in the last three years, provide insight into their 2020 strategy and highlight the growing importance of customized supply chain solutions. What has been the evolution of …



Interview: Thierry Ehrenbogen – Chairman, SDV (Bolloré Logistics) – France

The CEO of SDV (Bolloré Logistics), a global leader in supply chain management, discusses his company’s continued presence in Africa and response to pressures from clients. Less than six months ago, you became chairman of SDV, after successfully managing its …



Interview: Han Fennema – CEO, Gasunie – Netherlands

In light of declining indigenous production, the CEO of Gasunie Han Fennema portrays the company’s vital role in facilitating the country’s energy transition, and the importance of having an expansive and flexible pipeline infrastructure spanning multiple regions in Europe. He …



Interview: Jan Valkier – CEO, Anthony Veder – Netherlands

The CEO of Anthony Veder talks about the company’s shift from general shipping to its current core business of liquefied gas shipping, and the transition towards small-scale LNG. Having been in the Netherlands for almost 80 years now, Anthony Veder …



Interview: Rob Nijst & Jared Pearl – CEO & CCO, VTTI – Netherlands

Rob Nijst and Jared Pearl share an intimate account of VTTI’s motivation to become a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange, and their personal vision on the strategic direction of their global operations. Last time we met in …



Interview: Gertjan Lankhorst – CEO, GasTerra – Netherlands

Gertjan Lankhorst, CEO of GasTerra, shares with EnergyBoardroom GasTerra’s role in the current industry shift towards sustainability and in shaping the “gas agenda.” Your background is in economics, as well as the oil and gas and energy industry. What specific …



Erwin Kooy – CEO, Offshore Group, Peterson – Netherlands

The CEO of Peterson offshore group discusses the challenges of introducing a brand new logistics model to the Dutch North Sea, and how this model can be applied in other markets.   Please start by introducing Peterson and explaining how …



Pascal Baylocq – Deputy CEO, Geostock – France

The Deputy CEO of Geostock, an engineering group specialized in the design, construction and operation of underground storage facilities, reviews his company’s performance in 2014. He provides insight into the development of the international subsidiaries and discusses what the future …




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